Scrubbies Unsponge - Forest - Pack of Two

Scrubbies Unsponge - Forest - Pack of Two


Did you know that a lot of cleaning sponges & clothes contain plastic? While you are doing your washing up little pieces break off & go down the drain polluting our water ways & oceans.

This is where Scrubbies Unsponges come in, they are plastic free & fully biodegradable make an excellent replacement. Scrubbies are made from Organic Cotton printed with Eco Dyes, a Bamboo lining which is naturally antibacterial, a scrubby hessian back & finished with Organic Cotton Thread.

Scrubbies Unsponges are ideal for eco-friendly cleaning they will clean dishes, pans, sinks, ovens, cooktops & glass thoroughly while also being gentle.

They are also great for using in the shower or bath, just remember to put them in the washing machine regularly. 

  • Clean dishes, your home or yourself

  • Reusable

  • Plastic Free

  • Biodegradable & Compostable

  • Organic Cotton Printed With Eco Dyes 

  • Bamboo Lining (Naturally Antibacterial - No Smell) 

  • Hessian Backed For Excellent Scrubbiness 

  • Organic Cotton Thread (Very Important - Cheap Polyester Thread Doesn't Biodegrade) 

  • Soft On One Side, Scrubby On The Other...Perfect!

You can throw these in the wash as often as you need to, I wash at 20°C but they can go in at 40°C. Once they are all scrubbed out, simply chop them up & compost them.

Exact pattern placement will vary on each unsponge. 

Pack of 2

Approximately 14cm x 11cm each. 

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