After Seeing & Hearing About the Devastating Fires In The Amazon Rainforest We Wanted To Help In Anyway We Could So Throughout August & September We Are Doubling Our Trees To 2 Per Order.

Eden Reforestation Projects

We are so proud to announce that for every order placed we donate one tree to Eden Reforestation Projects.

Every order you place not only plants a tree but also helps support the local communities by giving them employment supporting their economical growth, helping them to support themselves & their families which allows the local environment to thrive.

You can add extra trees to your order.


Eden Reforestation Projects are currently working in Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, & Mozambique helping to combat deforestation.

The deforestation of healthy natural forests causes catastrophic long term effects to not only local eco systems but to the planet as a whole.

When these healthy eco systems are destroyed, life becomes difficult for native species, local communities & their ability to support themselves.


how do Eden Reforestation Projects help?

Eden Reforestation Projects helps to support reforestation in areas which desperately need it by working to employ people in the local communities to plant & care for the trees, replenishing healthy forests. Through this the Eden Reforestation Projects are able to create long term & sustainable change.

As the environment begins to recover the wildlife habitats are restored. This allows the native species to increase in numbers reducing the risk of them becoming endangered or extinct.


We will be sending your donations to Eden Reforestation Projects at the beginning of each month for the orders placed in the previous month.

Learn more about Eden Reforestation Projects.