Natural Firelighters - If You Care

Natural Firelighters - If You Care


If You Care Firelighters have no unpleasant smells & contain just two ingredients, FSC wood & non-GMO vegetable oil. Use these environmentally friendly firelighters for fireplaces, BBQ, wood burns, stoves/ovens & fire pits.

Because If You Care Firelighters are made 100% from biomass wood & vegetable oil the emission resulting from their combustion are considered carbon neutral.

If You Care firelighters are non-toxic & can even be stored safely near or with food. They are also harmless to plants & aquatic life. The firelighters are extremely stable & do not lose firepower or dry out when left open.

Why We Love If You Care Firelighters:

  • Natural

  • Fair Trade

  • FSC Certified

  • Petroleum Free

  • Non-Toxic

  • Plastic Free

  • Recycled Packaging, Printed With Vegetable Inks

28 Pack

Find out more about If You Care’s Certifications.

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