Reusable Cleansing Pads - Night Owl - Pack of 5

Reusable Cleansing Pads - Night Owl - Pack of 5


Our Cotton Cleaning Pads great eco-friendly replacement for disposable cotton wool pads. The pads are made of 100% cotton with a soft terry cotton front to gently remove makeup & a beautifully printed cotton back.

By using our reusable Cotton Cleaning Pads you will be helping the environment by reducing waste & eliminating disposables pads from your home.

To wash just pop your Pads in with your normal laundry & leave to dry naturally.

Pack of 5

Each Pad is approximately 2.5" square.

Prints may vary from pad to pad.

Our pads are lovingly made by my Granny in Herefordshire.

When you feel like your pads have come to the end of their life, you can simply cut up add them to your compost bin.

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