White Dove Soy Wax Melts

White Dove Soy Wax Melts


Our White Dove Soy Wax Melts have a beautiful clean, fresh fragrance with floral hints of Lily, Vetiver & Iris. This fragrance is replica of a well known soap.

Decorated with Blue Cornflower Petals.

Pop the desired amount of Wax Melts into you Wax Warmer but take care not to over fill it.

Our Wax Melts can give you hours of fragrance & can be re-melted again & again until the fragrance has gone.

For use in a Wax Warmer.

Handmade from 100% Soy Wax.

Please note fragrance oils can affect the colour of the botanicals & they may be paler than pictured.

Pack of 3

14g Each

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