Tea Bags - All Day Tea

Tea Bags - All Day Tea


Smooth, Malty & Refreshing Black Tea.

A rich blend of pure Assam & Kenyan Teas make a comforting brew with well rounded flavours. This tea can be enjoyed all day long.

The All Day Tea produces a deep cognac coloured infusion with a smooth & rich malty flavour & a fresh tea aroma.

Did you know most tea bags are actually made of plastic!

Westcountry Tea Bags are made from corn starch which is a natural fibre, making their Tea Bags 100% plastic free, biodegradable & home compostable. The Tea Bags can be put into your compost & take about 12 months to breakdown.

Westcountry Tea package all their Teas in 100% plastic free packaging too. The inner clear bags are made from tree cellulose (Natureflex), which looks & feels like plastic but it is not! These bags can be put in your compost bin & will break down in about 8 weeks. The Tea boxes are printed with vegetable ink on FSC card & can be recycled or composted. If you have neither a compost bin nor a council food waste bin, the Tea Bags, clear bag & box will degrade in landfill so they are still better than using plastic.

Why We Love Westcountry Teas:

  • Plastic Free

  • Natural

  • Compostable Packaging Printed With Vegetable Inks

  • Ethically Produced Within ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) Standards

  • Blended & Packaged In The UK

  • A Truly Lovely Family Run Company

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty Free

  • Generously filled with quality un-ground ingredients, making for a satisfying full flavoured brew each & every time.

Naturally Caffeinated.

Ingredients: Assam & Kenyan Tea Leaves

20 Tea Bags

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